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After fun careers working at places like Google and LinkedIn, we founded Sprintwell to help teams work better. Made in Public is our time capsule capturing what we've learned in our careers and what we're learning as we grow a business.

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Candid conversations with our community

"This is my new soundtrack."
Audie Roldan, Designer at Act-On

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S1 E1 - Burnout

Poornima Vijayashankar sits down with Charbel to talk about her early days in Silicon Valley (2004), the surprising way got its name, immigrating to the United States, failed startups, getting hospitalized from burnout, and total focus on

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S1 E2 - Undefeated

Before Coach rebranded to Podia, Spencer Fry joined Charbel to break down why he makes, his uncommon concern about failing after several successful ventures, what motivates him as a founder, and why the future of online learning is just getting started.

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S1 E3 - 10 Years Ago Self

Georgiana "Gia" Laudi formerly led marketing at Unbounce. Later she co-created Forget the Funnel with Claire Sullentrop. Why? To share what she wishes she knew as her "10 Years Ago" self and help young, ambitious startup marketers accelerate their success.

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S1 E4 - It's All Fun

Eric Hinman is a world-class athlete, marketer, and entrepreneur who explains how he lives an integrated life. For Eric, it's all fun...from his morning routine, where he eats, work, training, and business ventures. He also breaks down how he gets his creative inspiration and motivation to launch idea after idea.

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S1 E5 - The Buck Stops With Me

Head of Design for, Laura Hahn openly shares what it was like starting as a freelance designer, why she's embarrassed by her work that's still publicly visible in New York subways, and why owning your relationships with clients is key to growing as a creative.

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S1 E6 - We're On To Something

Brian Bautista was a user support specialist for Google Maps during its rocketship years, but he's well known for singing live at Google with John Legend. Brian talks about that feeling you get when you realize you're on to something, and how his passion for music and travel has led him to leading support and product marketing videos for SoundHound.

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